How long to wait to start dating again after a break up

She loved me more than anyone and did so many efforts to save the relation but i just fucked it all up. Its been 6 months now she has blocked me and is not willing to even see me at all. I have realised all of my flaws and im just working on them. I wish I could be with her again.

I miss her so much. If after 6 months she still isn't willing to talk to you, there would only be two feasible options left - to continue giving her space and waiting or choosing to walk away, which is something I recommend you consider instead because it's the more emotionally healthy option than holding on to hopes or possibilities of something that may never happen. We are in long distance relationship with we broke up for almost one month. After the break up i never contact him. I was trying not to contact him and when im on my 25th days of no contact i accidentally tap the call.

I swear it was an accident. Then after i end the call. He called me back. I answered the call and he just ask me. Then i replied im ok. And i ask him too then he said he was ok too. He said he is still single. And out of impulse i told him i love him but he told me i should move on because i will just get hurt but i really want him back and we talk.

I didnt told him that i want him back. I told him what i really feel. That i still love him and willing to wait. Then he said thank you with our call sign. But when i told him i love him. He wont reply to me.. What should i do? If he's still confused about his feelings for you at this point, take the time to slowly build upon the attraction again with no expectations or pressure to allow yourself to get overly emotionally caught up.

My boyfriend of 1 year and 5 months broke up with me because he said he didn't feel like there was a future together. He said he didn't feel that commitment with me to be as a husband and wife. When he broke up with me he was really upset that he was doing this to me but said it had to be done because he didn't feel it for the future and didn't want to prolong the relationship to wait. He did say to give him a little space and he could think about us. I really just want him back and I wish he could feel the way I feel about him.

What do you think is going on through his mind right now and how long should I wait to contact him again? Most likely he might have lost the spark for you, in which case I recommend waiting around 30 days before you reach out to recreate that spark. My ex and I were together from January to June of this year.

We also had a rough year in my fault , we were broken up for about 5 months September February but we managed to patch things and it took a lot of work on my part to prove myself. That being said, we broke up at the end of this part June. I spoke to her mom not long ago and she told me that my ex still has a framed collage of pictures of us up on her wall, after all this time. Given the circumstances and length of the relationship, it's normal for her to occasionally think of you and miss you, but her mixed signals may be the result of those feelings dissipating after awhile.

Consider reaching out first the next time to control the conversation topic, perhaps guide things towards arranging for a meetup to catch up, and take things from there. I often think it's better when physical contact is made rather than online because the latter allows for one party to run off whenever they feel like it, which builds upon a negative initial environment for anything to foster. Hi, I need advice. My boyfriend and I broke up last night. It was a break up that we talked about calmly and with genuine love for each other; we were both in tears, and my ex boyfriend never cries.

He wants me to be able to find myself and travel without feeling tied to him. We talked about how we are still best friends and how we want to stay in touch. My question is, how soon can I reach out? We were in a very serious relationship and are feelings for each other have never wavered. He told me that if it was just a matter of emotion, he would never let me go but that he wants the best for me. How can I get him back? Build upon the friendship again when you do reach out, and try creating a comfortable connection that could eventually develop into a relationship.

My boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up. We were in different cities and he prioritized his career over our relationship. I was always the one who traveled, the one that had nice gestures like sending him gifts or hand written letters , He acted this way for the past 6 months before the breakup. He said he couldn't give me the time that I deserved.

I don't know if that's true or a cheap excuse. The thing is that he's changed, and I don't know if it is a permanent change or just because he has to make up for classes he failed. I want back the person he was before all this, if it is possible. I'm so confused about what to do: You'll have to examine if his changes were caused by a stressful period and is temporary, or something more permanent. It was likely that he began taking you for granted since you were willing to make the effort, and inability to give you time seems like an excuse because we can always make time if something was deemed important enough.

I would suggest thinking this through before you make a decision between winning him back or walking away. Hello, I was with my fiance for nearly a year and had wedding plans for next year. I was and am very much in love with her and made a huge mistake by cheating over several months with an ex girlfriend and my fiance found out and I fessed up. It's been a week and a half and she and her family have blocked me from any communication and I'm dying in pain and guilt over what I did. Is there no chance in hell of ever fixing this? It depends on whether she eventually would forgive you or not, but its going to take time and effort on your part to make things right.

I suggest giving it some space first before you reach out. I was there for a girl for 3 years and I emotionally supported her for the 3 years but I was crushing on her for 1 full year. I got a chance to be with her for a month and a half and school had started back up she said she needed time to herself for stress. You're going to have to wait until you have another shot again because she is currently dating someone else and may not be receptive towards you. Trying to come between them paints you as the villain in this situation.

You don't have to leave her be, but perhaps give some breathing room before you approach her and try to build a connection again with her as friends if she is still with someone at that stage. But you have to remember not to cross boundaries especially in the stage when you're trying to connect or have an expectation that she's going to come back, because this will cause you to probably do something out of desperation.

Like I said, you don't have to leave her be. Just respect the boundaries and take things a step at a time. You can't win her back without romantic feelings, you can't have romantic feelings without a built up connection, and you can't have a connection if she isn't comfortable talking to you.

Avoid skipping steps to get the outcome but rather work your way up from the initial aspects of connecting with her. My ex broke up with me for no particular reason. We were together for 2 years and when I say there was nothing bad in our relationship, it's true. We never fought because we got along perfectly. The only thing that tore us apart was the fact that I'm still in school and he has his career. He's often away and I don't have a car so he had to come to my apartement which is an hour and a half away. He was applying for other jobs even further away, and that's when he broke up with me.

Our break up was like our relationship, really smooth and sweet. No bad things were said, we cried and hugged, he complimented me all the way. I am over the fact that we are not together anymore, but the person I knew would never just cut me off like that. He can't even reply: I don't want to talk I'm sorry. I'm just so confused, and I have a lot of things that belongs to him that I need to give back, but he won't talk to me Perhaps he is also currently dealing with his own emotions regarding the breakup and needs some time to himself before being able to face you again.

Perhaps give him some space and continue to focus on yourself for the time being, before reaching out again sometime later. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me because I lied about hanging out with my ex. We had a great relationship before with no issues. No, avoid doing things to make him jealous right now, especially if you want him back but his perceived image of you is that you can't be trusted since it may give him more reason to walk away.

Simply focus on no contact, and if you want to be visible on aspects like social media, portray positive changes to make him miss you and the relationship instead of jealousy tactics. We became friends for a couple months and then it became romantic again. I realized how much I missed him and I wanted things to work. He told me he realized how much he took me for granted and wanted to get serious. A week later we got in a fight and I got frustrated and blocked him again. I realized how stubborn I was being and unblocked him and apologized.

I tried to meet up with him to talk and basically had to cry on the phone to get him to even meet me. We ended up crying and talking hooking up.

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That we fight too much but that he loves me. He stayed the night. After that he went back to the aloof occasional texts. I felt really pathetic and sad. He wrote back that he agreed and I was an amazing woman and he already missed me. He watches my snap chats but I have him blocked on everything else. I miss him so much. It worked last time but will it work a second time? You might have missed the point of NC the previous time which beyond giving both parties space, was also for you to work on yourself and your emotions to become a better version of your previous self.

It would seem that after NC had ended the first time, you reverted back to your old habits the moment an argument took place and ended up blocking him again which might have been the cause of him emotionally giving up the second time. NC may not be the best idea here because he may simply decide to walk away this time around.

Instead, consider perhaps taking things slow, and work on rebuilding the trust and bond that you once shared with him as a couple without getting too impulsive with your emotions. I just have him blocked on insta and Facebook. I guess I should have just left things alone and seen how they went. He was messaging me everyday. It was just so aloof and would take him hours to respond. He was always the first to message tho but it felt like it was almost a chore.

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Not like he enjoyed talking to me. I was trying to be unemotional and fine but I felt like it was getting nowhere. My ex and I broke up 2 months ago. During the first 3 weeks he was contacting me a lot and I asked him stop for a month or 2 so I could focus on myself. I am now in a better place and would like to reach back out to him.

I'm just not sure if I should initiate contact or have him initiate it? Hi, I had relationship with my gf for 3 yrs. Me and my gf started to have a bad phase from may last week. She wanted to space from me. I was not able to give her that. I continuously chased her for almost 3 months now. She is not trusting my words now. She has unfriend me from fb. I have reached her out after every 5 or 7 days on and off.

I am in miserable situation. Can i still have a chance to rekindle with her? What duration of no contact is required in this case? Will she ever miss me? It would be good to probably go into no contact for the time being in order to at least give him some space to deal with his issues while you deal with yours. It's been a month since I ended a three months long relationship with this guy.

It happened because, when I confessed my feelings for him and asked about being exclusive, he told me he had feelings for me too, but he wasn't prepared for an exclusive relationship at the moment, and that if there was anything bothering me, we could try to talk about it and work things out. At first, I considered continuing the relationship, but then I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to be with anybody else but him, and that I was trying to adapt to him, not because I thought it would be best for me, but to keep him by my side.

So that's why I ended things. Now, I'm having second thoughts. I'm thinking that maybe I was too inflexible, too strict, because I didn't accept polygamy. He'd suggested to talk about what bothered me and figure it out together, and I'd, on the other hand, "gave up". That's how I feel about breaking up with him. I've been avoiding contact with him, unfollowed him on Instagram, deleted our Whatsapp conversations and photos of him on my phone.

I've been focusing on myself, reading a lot, writing about my feelings, going out with friends. But I still miss him and want him back. He still orbits on my Instagram, watches all of my stories, likes some photos I'd contacted him two times only, just to send memes, and he'd responded right away, tried to keep the conversation going I want to know if he misses me and if he feels the same.

I don't know if I should say hi, ask him out, try to reconnect with him and work things out together, or if I'm illuding myself and should move on because of our incompatibility. It doesn't sound like you were incompatible as a couple, but simply just looking for different things at this point. Never forget to respect and love yourself, as well as your own moral values. If polygamy isn't something you're comfortable with, don't try to change your way of thinking just to fit his because it isn't something permanent.

Based on what you're saying, it does sound like he misses you and shares certain feelings for you. To what extent is yet to be determined, but if you genuinely miss him, perhaps consider reaching out properly to reconnect. My ex boyfriend and I dated for almost 3 years and had lived together for over two.

Everything was going really well and we were planning trips and getting along well, or so I thought. Then he broke up with me. He told me he needed space and time to focus on school, work, and family. He still loves me. Do I follow the plan still? This depends entirely on you and what you're able to take emotionally.

Waiting can be a painful thing to go through and is honestly much harder than simply moving on. I would recommend moving on first, but if the opportunity should present itself in the future and you still have strong feelings for him, then you could consider giving it a second shot. My girlfriend broke up with me 4 days ago now and I started doing no contact immediatley after the breakup.

I just keep feeling like when the no contact is over and I finally text her again, she will be confused as to why i just ignored her for a month. I really want her back.

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Sorry if this is too long. I entered the no contact time a few days ago and intent on going 30 days. But when I looked at the calendar I realized my ex's birthday is 20 days in. Would wishing her happy birthday hurt things? Honestly, it wouldn't make much of a difference whether you wish her or not since you've both broken up. I would personally not recommend wishing her, but if you genuinely feel the need to, keep it short and simple, avoid getting emotional in the process, and simply carry on with no contact after sending her a text.

My Ex and I have ended things after 5 years of being together. Pur relationship has not always been great but it has been good enough for me that we been together for 5 years. I started noticing a change in him. He stopped taking an interest, stopped wanting to do one on one things with me and took more of a interest in his friends in stead. So I ended things thinking it would open his eyes and shed some light onto him, we built a life together a house we have 2 dogs.

He didnt change instead he stayed away and took off more in the opposite direction. But He still tells me he loves me and space will give us perspective. I did make the mistake like in the article of begging and telling him how I wanted to work things out and try, even though I have been trying for what seems to be a long time. He hasnt shown any effort He told me no. He said not to make any rash decisions I feel like hes leading me on.

Or keeping me at arms length to see if I'm always gonna be there. I love him more than anything but he hasnt been present It's been super hard, and it's like hes not accepting it. He keeps texting me things like I miss you and that he wants us to be together but he doesnt think things will change. Or he says things like I love you, we just need to be in love and time will tell He also once said. I'm worried hes gonna take that as I have moved on and hes going to want to move out and move on I'm trying not to go crazy but it's so hard.

Be honest with your feelings and tell him about it, especially how you've been struggling lately because you don't see it going anywhere and 'just being in love and seeing where it takes us' without any actual actions is hard to swallow. About 8 months ago she had broken up with me and moved away with her parents only to end up back with me a couple months later.

We recently made a big move out of state to start fresh with a clean slate. The first year of our relationship had its ups and downs, she cheated a few times but we always got through it and moved forward. She decided enough was enough and decided to leave me and move in with a coworker.

As of yesterday she came and picked up all her belongings and went on her way. After putting everything she brought up with her in the vehicle she said thank you and went on her way. I do in fact want her back , as I did the first time. I feel like an idiot for being the way I was and miss her terribly. Her coworker has messaged since telling me to give her time, give her space so we can put ourselves back together.

If the relationship was a meaningful one, yes you should give her a bit of space to cool off from whatever pent up negative emotions she feels before trying to reach out. In the meantime, you should also go ahead with picking yourself up and working on the emotional aspect of things to learn how to keep them in check and not let yourself develop toxic habits while in a relationship. Reason for it is because she misunderstood what I wanted out of a situation that occurred a couple days before, which was to see me more as a priority when communicating with me on things we plan.

Nothing major I believe, but I have a terrible way of trying to speak my mind and she felt like I was unhappy being with her so she felt like I deserve someone better to give me more, when I didn't want more from someone else. I wanted her to understand how much I loved her and just seek more effort from her.

Well she wanted her space and Thursday morning I texted her a long message speaking my peace about how she misunderstood what I was telling her. Since then, I have not been in contact with her, although we are still friends on social media. I feel if she really wanted to move on, wouldn't she deleted me or blocked me from all that? She did that to her exes, which I think played a role in her decision because she was always the one who got played a fool by them, they disrespected her, cheated on her, been unfaithful and straight unloyal.

I have always been the one guy she could depend her life on, I never cheated on her, never gave her reasons to doubt our relationship. We been together for over a year and a half. Anything she needed, I was there for her all the way. Always tried to keep her happy, always gave her the space when she wasnt in the mood to talk.

It just bothers me that she wanna break up over one little issue. I love her still and think about her every single day. I wanna just text her I miss her but I feel the more I try to stay in contact will do no good so I been focusing on myself since that day. How long u think should I wait to tell her I still miss her? Or should wait til she texts me? There's a likelihood that her actions of breaking up and shutting you out were caused by past baggage from previous relationships that she has not dealt with.

You should go into NC for the time being and even when you contact her again, it shouldn't begin with you missing her since that shows signs of desperation and weakness in which she may not fully respect you. I broke up with my gf last april Reason is i got confused if my feelengs were still romantic or not. But we've been living together up until May When the move out was nearing. I asked if she could take me back.

Saying that I was late and all. She had a deadline that I didnt know of. While she was waiting for me, she had a coworker that always messaged her everyday. But now they dont. She got interested in the guy while waiting for me. Now Im afraid that there is a posibility that the coworker also likes her back. It started when their officemates started teasing them since they were "single". When we moved out. I always saw her, even if we were technically not a couple while living together.

It was stupid and selfish of me. I acted needy for the past two months and now I decided to lessen my contact with her. She's been cold towards me through chats but when we're together, things seemed natural. She always pushes me away. Saying that we have no chance, shes not coming back and all. But I really believe that theres still a chance. That she's just more on welcoming the giddy feeling with her coworkwr since its a positive feeling.

Im scared of doing no contact at well Im afraid of losing her. Currently, if you continue to contact her and attempt to get her to take you back, you're most probably going to succeed in only pushing her further away since her feelings towards you are still relatively negative.

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It'll be better to go into NC and give it some breathing room, even if she ends up dating the other person in the meantime because that's the only way you generate enough distance for her to let go of her negative emotions towards you. Before breaking up my ex had already been using the no contact rule for a month and now that we broke up I've been missing her so much. I guess it's working that she wants the freedom of herself. It was a long story and we broke up on good terms however it just makes me so sad. I would like to know how and what should I do facing an already implemented no contact rule?

Probably the best thing you can do right now is to go into no contact yourself, and focus on improving aspects of your life that may have required changes. At least this keeps you occupied and distracted as well, while letting time pass for both parties to be able to start on a fresh page when the time comes. My ex girlfriend just broke up with me. Been together for 15 months. I just sent her roses and she said this will be the last thing she will receive from me and we should stop seeing each other as her feeling has faded.

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I did not put attention to her for the past months because my mom was ill, she left us 3 months ago. She told me that her feeling started to fade since 5 months ago and she decided to tell me now that she got no more feeling. Given how she feels and considering the time that she started losing feelings for you, there is a possibility that she has genuinely moved on, and you might want to consider doing the same and not wasting your time and emotions any further because she doesn't seem interested in getting back or even giving things another shot.

Hi, my 2 months ex bf and I were getting a long well until some problems began to come up between us the second month, but we still could survive. He also made sure to call me and stay always in touch, this is until he called me sometime and i asked him for a more serious commitment between us, he disappeared, went on a previously planned trip for 3 weeks without even calling me saying goodbye. If the relationship had lasted for 2 months before the breakup and him disappearing on his trip, you might want to consider the fact that effort you put in to try and win him back may be a waste of time because there's a possibility that he has moved on since the breakup.

In short relationships, it is easier for one party to distance themselves and move on since there hasn't been enough time to become fully invested into it. Hello, I am 27 and my ex is also 27 we broke up about 3 weeks ago. Would that be the right thing to do? He could be a bit prideful and not be the one to come look for me , most of my friends tell me to just move on and forget him and that if he did care or loved me he would be the one coming after me.

If you felt unsatisfied with the way he was treating you then, which led to the relationship ending, by you taking the first step to reach out to him, don't you think that the situation would remain the same even if you succeeded in getting him back and he'd still take you for granted after? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. It's really subjective to each relationship, and would depend on how the relationship ended and how things were handled after. My girlfriend and I got into an argument and broke up.

I was ok for about week and then I got drunk and acted like an idiot. All the things you aren't supposed to do I did to try and get back with her. Her last text to me was that even though we aren't together we should still care for each other. Then she proceeded to give me caring advice. I've never replied to that and have been in no contact for a week. I also found out she went on dating sites just two weeks after we broke up.

To be honest I'm not even sure if I want to contact her even after no contact, but I do want to get her back. Spend this time figuring things out, and although older women may be more understanding, they are usually also more decisive and certain of their actions, and less likely to waste time contemplating or moping around. This was my first relationship and I'm My ex broke up with me a month ago and since I had read up on non neediness before, I was able to instinctually know that calling them and asking to get back together wasn't a good idea, but it was still devastating ofcourse.

She's naturally really shy and had issues with her self esteem and I wasn't supportive of her enough and would joke around by roasting her since she would be really quiet when she was around me and I wanted to get her attention. And when I roasted her, it would sometimes be about her insecurities and she would feel upset about it but not say anything. Now looking back, I know that the reason I was like this was because of my fear of being needy. When we texted, I always felt the need to joke and roast her instead of treating her with support and compassion.

But all of this built up and one day she asked to go on a break. When I confronted her about it a few days later she sent me a break up text. It's been a month or so and we've talked a few times during class and through text. Her mom even texted me to check up on me and give me advice. She wanted me to treat her like a friend and be compassionate and wait for her to commit saying that she's not ready for a relationship yet.

She really does want to be friends and said that she cared about me when we broke up. And I know about no contact and did that for awhile but we would see each other during class. The last day of school was the first time that we were having fun together, we talked and played a card game while making fun of each other, but after that we still don't text or hang out. I know that I should spend more time to work on myself, which I have, but some part of the day my mind would always go back to thinking about her. Yesturday I decided to break no contact cause I felt like I was better and asked her if she wanted to hang out while being very understanding in my delivery, but she had something else that day and the conversation ended there.

Honestly, I just want to know what you're perspective is and what you think is the best approach because I understand that this is still my situation that I want to overcome. Since you've attempted to break no contact and it did not turn out entirely well considering that trying to meet up wasn't successful , I would suggest waiting for another week or two before contacting her again directly if you want to ask her out.

However, if you do see her around in school still, you could always maintain a friendly relationship and try to work your way from there in a casual and progressive manner. Just about to move in together into a house I renovated which took far, far too long, drained me completely and brought out my worst, undecisive, sometimes helpless, social-life-abandoning and in the end even almost sexless self , my long time girlfriend told me she didn't love me any more, even though she wants to. Miiiight be loss of attraction.

That was around christmas. Since then, we had contact and met quite some times, but did not get anwhere. She often did not reply to my texts for days and appeared like a different person, thinks about maybe being burnt out I did a lot of research on relationships and what went wrong with ours. Monday last week we had quite a lovely picnic where I was to tell her about my findings which we did not get to discuss completely, making me eager to meet again.

Some unanswered texts later quite the habit now - a contact a week, then radio silence, even with kind oneliners asking about her sore throat or her injured horses she declined an invitation. Mondays, I asked her to go to spring vacation with me to relax because of her lack of energy. No answer until just now: She had a very bad week, thinks again she may be burnt out.

She is going to vacation with a male friend back from university she used to mention back then. Third text half an hour later: Her horse is injured. Obviously, I should have looked for this site earlier on, I surely did act needy and insecure from time to time, even though I always tried to keep my texts light and witty. I tried to keep the going crazy to myself. But about that text: Before, I was about to start that No Contact phase, but now I wonder, having replied instantly until now and being eager for her to know she can always count on me, if it wouldn't be smarter to text her back tomorrow or sunday and then start the No Contact phase, to at least send her off with solely good thoughts and things to say about me on that trip.

Especially when she's not feeling well right now, I feel I should be there for her and make her feel better.

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That ain't the addiction talking, is it? The 'urge' to be there for the person you care about will often come across as being necessary in your point of view, but to be honest, that will only add to your image of being needy or desperate to your ex, especially if she has begun to distance herself which usually means she isn't as receptive to your 'thoughtful' actions.

I would suggest beginning no contact but if you're concerned about stopping all contact so suddenly, perhaps since she has said that she was unwell, you could tell her to take good care of herself and enjoy the upcoming trip. Leave it at that, and go onto no contact after. Hello, me and my ex dated for 3 years, we broke up because he was so busy and he believed we would be happier seperated because at the point, I would be angry with him almost all the time for not giving me the attention I wanted.

When we broke up, I regretted the way I acted right away and would text him and call him all the time. I was acting needy and desperate and he would listen and say he loved me still but that I was also pushing him away. My insecurities got the best of me and I feel awful for doing that to him, in the end, we realized it was toxic and nothing good was coming from it.. If they are still dating at this point, even if you felt that there were ways to work things out, he may not be as interested at this point to consider it.

You definitely still have a slight chance to win him back, but I would suggest moving on for now and working on yourself in the meantime. If the opportunity ever presents itself again and you're still interested, then you could consider contacting him again. My ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We were in a long distance relationship for 1yr 5months. I was the one doing all the travelling to him because he has a legal issue going on.

I visited him in August with my son and spend 2 weeks with him. Everything thing was fine When I was on my vacation with him. When I try asking why is alll of this happening, he said the distance is getting to him, and he feels like talking to someone closer. I met his mom, brother n sister and he met my mom and aunt. I asked myself why would he go all the way for me to meet his family and dump me this way.

I really love this guy. My ex bf Mickey and I had been dating for about 13 years and a half including engaged for 2 yrs. We were childhood best friends and sweethearts. We shared a lot of nice and unforgettable memories together, we went trips, we were everything when we had each other He loves me so much too, he valued me like a queen. But we always fought for my jealous type.

But about one year ago he started to date other girls behind my back and we fought a lot when I found out. He gave me a reason that So he couldn't make it anymore and we broke up. He then dates a girl only one month later after our break up. They stick together and post photos of them together on facebook always, it hurts me I dunno it's rebound or not but they r still together, dating and going trips together and he brings her to his home to meet with his parents. He shoved me away. So I stopped all the contacts coz he asked me to.

I was mentally broken down for about a year after the break up. I wasn't ready to move on and find another guy. I was concerntrating on my work. But I was about to flirt with my senior manager guy who is older than me and he's married already. His name is Peter, He always appraised for my beauty and intelligence. But when my parents found out, they reprimanded me badly for flirting with a married guy. I avoid him and then met a guy named Nick who has a gf already, he's 33 and I m He likes me but he doesn't dare to start bcoz he's only Sales Executive and he thinks himslef as he's much lower than me.

Coz I graduated from famous UK university and he's just graduted from like community college But when I told him that I liked him And he said he's not sure about his current relationship too. And now we r like that. I m not sure i like Nick actually, or I want him as a rebound. He also cannot trust me either he may think. He wants to wait and see I want to replace him with my ex Mickey. Coz I still have strong feelings for my Ex Mickey so strongly. What should I do?. I always want my Mickey back.. I cry every night till now. I think you should only figure out first what it is you want, whether it is to try and move on, or to continue wanting your ex back.

If the decision is to try and move on, you could slowly explore things with this new person provided he intends to break up with his girlfriend soon , and decide again from there based on your emotions. Take things slow and avoid rushing your emotions if they are not ready.

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So my girlfriend and I have dated for 9 months before we broke up. We broke up for almost a month now but I was so needy and disparate that i was trying to contact and seeing her everyday. The reasons why we broke up were I did not give her enough space, I was so selfish, I shouted at her and we have arguments in front of others a lot. Because I Love her so much that i could not show her how strong I am in front of her. I just texted her again this Wednesday which I actually I do not suppose to do so. So should my NC start over again from today. Right now I am getting better and changing my habit.

I am changing myself and do not even touch an alcohol again because of her. I am willing to change for her and I am doing it everyday. I started to enjoy myself like she does with her friends right now. But actually I still want her back but I don't do the needy thing anymore.

I just give her some more space before i am ready to meet up with her. What should i do next? Please give me some advices. You don't have to restart your NC process, but instead just take what happened as a minor setback. It's good that you've progressed to not being so needy which is essential in your chances because you're less likely to make mistakes or come across as desperate. Hello, my ex boyfriend recently dumped me after being together for 3 years. We had been having some problems with communicating but nothing big, it came out of nowhere.

We were both very emotional, and both of us sobbed before I asked him to leave. He told me he wanted me to be okay and that I needed to move on could he really hav meant this? He and my mom are very close so after the breakup he met with her and apparently had been carrying some anger and resentment from a year ago. In the relationship we both became codependent, selfish, and at times we could be disrespectful to one another. It could be that he may have initially lost the passion towards you, but subsequent realizations of the reality of the breakup started to confuse him instead.

I suggest giving him some space for now, and perhaps consider No Contact in the mean time to at least allow both parties to heal and work on yourselves, while figuring things out. If his feelings for you a sincere, he may decide that he still wants the relationship at the end of the day but if not, you could always consider trying to win him back. Hi, so I desperately need some help. So I dated my ex boyfriend for two years now. We had an amazing first year and while he took some time to take a leave of absence at home from college we started to fight.

I became really controlling to him and would be jealous when he was out with friends and stuff. He went back to a school this second semester and we were okay. Fought a lot though abt little things I picked on. We also had a lot of amazing memories we shared by going to unique places together.

He was the first person to show me what love actually means. I had recently not been able to visit him in our long distance relationship due to car accidents and lacrosse commitments. This caused a lot more stress and best friends leaving my life cake with even more drama. But I took this out on him.

First of all on March 17th my friends convinced me of making a fake account on an app to text him a random number pretending it was a girl. So I stupidly did and he offered her his Snapchat.

7 Signs You're Just Not Ready to Start Dating Again

Drunk me at the time broke up that night and sent mean texts the next day. Anyway I arrived at his house and talked with his mom awaiting him to come home. You have a lot of proving to do if we were to get back together. So I told him ok and we talked a little more and I left.

Soon after I wished him a happy Easter and he wished me a happy Easter back small text and I texted a few days later saying hope all is well I went to our favorite place today and e said hope all is well with you too. Then I followed the next day with another text no response and another no response and I sent letters to his house at school and got nothing. I sent miss you texts and love you texts and got nothing. I know he will be coming home as well. My questions are do you think he is just waiting for me to come home to be able to reconnect with me.

Why would he respond to those other texts then just cold turkey me? I pray and hope each night he will come around. Which has helped a lot too. Am I doing the right things? What more can I do? What do you think?

To be honest, it sounds like he needs more time to deal with whatever has happened, and there may even be a possibility he has given up on the relationship already. His response to you on Easter was probably a courtesy reply but had no intentions of continuing the conversation further which was why he stopped replying the next day. If you really want to win him back, you're probably going to have to give him more time before trying again to reach out to him but if he still does not respond positively then, it would be a better idea to move on.

I've been dating a guy for about a year. We share many things in common, including values and hometown, we spent time with each other's kids and families and had fun in the time we were together. We genuinely care about each other, never played games. But it was always off and on, almost from the start. He had come from almost back-to-back horrible relationships when we met, including an 8-year marriage in which his ex-wife cheated and got pregnant lost the baby. It's been 4 yrs and she is still taking him to court for money.

Right before he met me, he was 3 months out of a 1. So he has some baggage. When we were dating, it would go really well, we'd get closer -- but then he'd suddenly pull away and grow cold and not want to see me. We didn't fight or anything. He did this over and over He was not dating other women.

I know he truly cares for me, likely even loves me, but he could never tell me how he felt about me. I'm patient, caring and easy going, but I grew tired of the roller coaster and started asking questions. He broke up with me, told me he couldn't give me what I wanted and needed and I should date other men. We didn't speak for 3 weeks, and then he texted me and told me he missed me. Said he was ok and wouldn't run away again. Three weeks later, he was doing the hot and cold thing again!

It went on like that for months. Recently, I got him to tell me that he thought he was getting better but he feels that he just can't handle a relationship right now, can't handle the obligations. He has a demanding job he travels 3 or 4 weeks out of each month, so he's only home on Sat and Sun and a 9 yr old son, whom I get along well with. I never demanded anything of him but he said because of those priorities, he can't focus on a personal life. He said he feels disconnected from his feelings and just isn't ready for a relationship. But he'd like to stay friends because I'm a great person.

He made a point to say we cannot see each other because something would happen physically to pull us back into the vicious circle we've been in because he can't commit to me. He said he feels bad for keeping me from dating other men. I told him I wanted to be with him. He kept saying he needs to be alone for a while to fix himself but he doesn't know how long it will take. I haven't seen him in two months and he unfriended me on FB. BUT, we still talk -- he initiates it almost all the time. I know he still cares a lot for me and doesn't want to let go.

I don't either, but his hot and cold behavior makes me crazy. So does talking to him when I can't see him. Should I stop talking to him completely until he figures things out or decides to commit? This is breaking my heart. I love him, he's a great guy, and he isn't playing games or cheating. But I don't know when or if things will ever change and he'll be capable of being in a relationship.

We are both 40 yrs old. To be very frank, it sounds like he actually needs therapy rather than space. Many people fail to realize the emotional and mental toll that these kinds of toxic relationships has on a person. It does not sound like his behavior is something that he can control, but instead does it instinctively as someone who has trust issues and emotional baggage.

My ex girlfriend and I were together for 1 year and 3 months. She got out of a bad relationship that barely was and got with me. We were always going to theme parks, and fun places all the time! She would tell me, only me, and me forever. We both had the best relationships of our lives, though she's 21 and I'm in my 30's.

I basically introduced her to new friends and a mutual friend started hanging out and he caught feelings and told her that he liked her after months of once a week hanging out with us He told her one drunken night after being called out for being chummy with her that he had feelings and he wanted to kiss her. She declined and came to me after. She cried and said she was confused and needed space. I gave her a couple of days, we were both sick from it, she told me how much she loved me but at the same time she was dealing with her father's cancer and chemo treatments.

Her mother constantly telling her that she's going to lose her dad, that she needs to be single and be there for him.

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  4. She told me she had to talk it out with our friend and see. How she didn't want any of this and how she couldn't come back because she was affected by it. She needed to work on herself and get a job, and a license. I let a few days go by she texted me "hope your having a good easter," and I told her it was okay and I was going to bring her things to her. She was calm and said she barely ate, but "it gets easier". I told her to message me and she insisted "No, you message me. I kept it light but she didn't continue the convo after 5 texts back and forth.

    So I met her one last time with the last of her things and her broken phone I fixed. I said,"I accept the break up, she replied "That's cool", and I want her to be happy. She said she is full time nurse for her father I told her I realized what I needed to fix about myself, and that I don't want to pester her she replied with "You're not pestering me. After that It's been 11 days of NC, and she hasn't tried to contact me. Do I keep NC and wait for her to contact me? Or do I contact her soon?

    She has anxiety issues, she doesn't like conflict and sometimes we would get into big arguments over if I get silent after minutes of arguing a moot point. You could complete NC and try to contact her after, because it doesn't seem like she will contact you first given the issues she is facing right now. Even if the breakup affects her, she might be suppressing those feelings in order to function and take care of her dad as well as to avoid anxiety.

    Hi, My ex and I broke up 4 weeks ago, we had been together 2. The last 6 months have been very hard for us with issues he had from before our relationship, to put it briefly 2 lost court cases, work and money pressures got to him I feel and he became distant. I went above and beyond to help him with the running of his business for very little praise or thanks, he had no time to do things as he was always busy as he has massive bills to pay.

    Previous relationships broke up because of this, I feel I was very patient with him but this was the gripe of most of our arguments. First, stop avoiding and suppressing your negative feelings. We avoid dealing with our feelings in all sorts of ways: Instead of avoiding and suppressing, let your feelings flow through you and get comfortable with the discomfort. Second, get back to doing things you love. Go do things that light you up inside and bring you joy.

    And finally, make sure you have someone who listens to you without judgment and will let you vent when you need to. Other solutions to exploring our feelings are support groups in your community, online forums , or starting a journaling practice. There are more out there! How do I know that for sure?

    Believing you have only one soul mate is nothing more than a limiting belief—and limiting beliefs are meant to be overcome. Remember, there are multiple soul mates out there for you. Your ex hated spontaneity and adventure? You get the idea. Instead of thinking about what you really, truly want in a relationship, you jump in blindly. Think about your past relationships. Fast-forward to your breakup. Stay true to them and find a partner who shares your values.

    You have to find your own balance between honesty, compassion, and staying true to your values. Yes, people might feel hurt by your honesty. After my latest breakup, I realized I needed to work on some things. I reflected on my fear of commitment. I got clear on my core values. I worked on my ability to communicate my feelings around tough subjects like sex, money, and having children. I read new books, worked with a coach, and traveled by myself. I met new people and shared life experiences with them in a vulnerable way.

    What can I do to make myself better? But true growth can only happen when we look inside ourselves. Are you kidding me? When is the last time something that made your life better came to you while you were sitting around doing nothing? When we put ourselves out there, get out of our comfort zones, and face our fears, amazing things start to happen. Go to social gatherings with new people. Find common interest groups in your community. Talk to a stranger on the bus or metro. Hell, give online dating a try!

    If you want to find love, you have to get out there and meet new people. True love is a beautiful thing. True love is something that everyone should strive for because life is a lot more fun when we can share it with a person who brings out the light inside of us. He lives in Montreal, Canada.

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