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By doing this ongoing, it will always seem as though most articles are always last modified just a little while ago. Is there any way around this? To show the last updated date, not have it affected by adding links regularly? Maybe a custom code is what you need to get over this. A checkbox in post edit section which overrides showing last update time and shows only published time.

You need to hire a WordPress developer for the same.

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My traffic went down to 15k from 20k perday. You can refer to this guide http: Since we guys keep updating our old blog posts to add new information. So, instead of showing publish date now I show updated date.

That is also working out great for us. It has option to select whether to show date in snippet preview or not. However it seems it is not working. I will try using the plugin you suggested in the article. Thanks for sharing the outcome of the test Harsh. My goal was not so much to find out if it affected SEO and therefore traffic , but if the date stamp had any influence in bounce rate of that particular page. Think about a post where I collected some free ebooks for example.

Would it be an idea to only show the date stamp on posts that get regularly updated, but hide it for other posts? I was more than happy to uncover this great site.

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I need to to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! In our example, the timestamp is February 22, at Repeat the same process for all of the posts in your series. Changing the post dates manually is incredibly easy to implement if you have a handful of posts that need to be re-ordered. As always, remember to take a full backup of your site before you mess around with its files.

Next, open up the functions. Adding this code snippet allows you to re-order WordPress blog posts by title on the front-end. The only downside of using this code is that it will re-order all of your blog posts, permanently.

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You can, of course, customize it even further to re-order only a selected set of posts. The Post Types Order plugin is a free solution that allows you to re-order WordPress blog posts by simply dragging and dropping them into place. All you have to do is drag and drop the posts into whichever order you want.

The advantage of using this method is to re-order WordPress blog posts is that the timestamp of each post remains unaltered. Republishing a Post Sometimes, you may want to republish an old post.

If this is your goal, you have a few different options: You can reschedule your post by editing the date and time the post was published, entering a future date and time, then clicking Schedule. When the scheduled time arrives, the post will jump from its current position in your timeline to the most recent spot on your blog and display the new date and time. The link for the post will also change to reflect the new publication date.

3 Ways to Re-Order WordPress Blog Posts

When you reschedule a post, it will not redistribute to your email subscribers. When you do this, the post will immediately redistribute to your email subscribers.

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Did you save your post as a draft rather than schedule it? For the post to publish, you must click the Schedule button. Has no one visited your blog yet? Try logging out of WordPress. If you have more than scheduled posts, reduce that amount to less than