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If you consider the pros' distinct advantages, including fame, fortune and sculpted bodies, and factor in the atypical challenges, such as long days in a unisex workplace and a life on the road, is it any wonder they press a screen when they want to press up against somebody? Like Jackson, most athletes prefer Instagram for its wealth of intel. Social media is an awesome dating tool. Meanwhile, sprinting bobsledder Lolo Jones has flipped Twitter-connects into many iDates.

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So how does Tinder work? Don't ask the Cavaliers. Show me," says big man Timofey Mozgov, snatching my phone.

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OK, we send a message: The cavalier cupid is beside himself with laughter. I wish they had it before I got married. And you're far less likely to land on TMZ. Tinder's location-specific search makes an athlete's road game easier, and longer stays increase the chances of consummating a match, so for MLB players, in particular, scores come in bunches. And that number spikes during spring training, when regulars can punch out by the fifth inning. The taken might kill that time with golf and pool parties. Patriots star Rob Gronkowski tried Tinder four years ago just for laughs, he says, "and I was matching like crazy!

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It hits him like a bolt of lightning. First, make like Mozgov, "Swipe right on everything. Get the ball rolling. Just Google 'Tinder pickup lines. You must be a dictator, cuz I have an uprising. Entertainment aside, some lovelorn pros see Tinder as a means to enter the game sans their jersey. Tinder gives me the answer. Tackle's profile, you'll see his first name and photos but no mention of his NFL gig, a factoid he typically shares on the first date. Their misdirection play has a cheerleader in ex-teammate Terrance Knighton.

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They just set up a semi-blind date with photos that aren't too revealing. It's working out for them. It's certainly working in the NFL, where man rosters of face-masked faces allow for swiping incognito.

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But in the NBA, a sport with man rosters of trees with legs, a player's star can blow up his Tinder. Just ask former No. And for famous women, the dating app can be a nonstarter. Before Ronda Rousey met her main squeeze, fellow MMAer Travis Browne, the fighter dipped her toe in Tinder's water for a nanosecond -- and even used an alter ego, Brynn Campbell -- only to flee with a case of cold feet.

Rousey aimed to avoid the inevitable backlash that comes with being a known woman on the dating app that snowboarder Jamie Anderson calls scandalous.

The Olympian installed the app in Sochi in "just to crush on guys" but couldn't uninstall it fast enough after watching what happened to her friend Rebecca Torr, a snowboarder for New Zealand who dished on Sochi's Tinder scene in an interview. It's one of the reasons female iPlayers prefer to stay mum about their efforts, or away from them entirely. I have a better chance of getting a read on them that way.

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In fact, to hear athlete lotharios tell it, Tinder runs a distant third in popularity to Twitter and Instagram, two vast seas with more than a billion fish. In , the biggest name in NHRA Funny Car racing wanted a relationship, not a fling, but even when she did manage to find someone who wanted her for her, that person typically couldn't stomach her work schedule.

As she thinks back on it now, dating a like-minded peer with similar work demands made perfect sense. Trouble was, the California-based drag racer was crushing on an IndyCar driver who lived in Indianapolis.

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Their paths wouldn't cross except on Twitter, the Sadie Hawkins dance in the cloud. The app has a higher rating on Google Play, showing the overall quality of the app and user satisfaction. The lowest score is 1, with 5 being the highest. It is compatible with a range of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

You can download the app for free, from platforms such as Google Play or the App Store. Adverts can be distracting and obtrusive. Apps and blogs without ads are more aesthetically pleasing, nicer to use, and make the content stand out. These services are ideal if you want to use the app while sat down at your computer, as well as on-the-go.

You can see who is near to your location, making it easier to meet up. When you log in with Facebook, it will let you know if you and another user have communal friends.

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This is useful if you want to find people connected to your circle, or even to avoid meeting people who are connected to you. Behavioral matchmaking engines monitor the behaviour of thousands of users in order to spot common patterns. This knowledge is then used in helping you to find a match, without having to fill in lots of lengthy questionnaires and so on. By rating the daily matches, you help improve the match-making algorithm of the app.

Overtime, the daily matches the app suggests should become better suited for you. You can search through singles using filters such as age, education, height or even body type. It is useful if you are looking for something specific. In February , an incident allegedly prompted by bullying on Formspring led to the death of year-old Natasha MacBryde from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. The Coroner's inquiry heard that she received anonymous personal abuse via the website on 13 February; this appears to have compounded bullying and teenage anxiety to a level, where MacBryde took her own life on 14 February after researching suicide methods.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Det Sgt Shanie Erwin told the inquest that Natasha was known to have received a short anonymous message containing personal abuse via the Formspring networking site on February In September , another bullying incident, involving anonymous harassment on Formspring, led to the death of a year-old. Jamey Rodemeyer , a student from Williamsville North High School in New York state , United States , committed suicide on 18 September after repeated incidents of bullying in real life and on Formspring.

Rodemeyer's video, " It Gets Better ", specifically called out Formspring as a factor in contributing to the anti-gay bullying impacting his life. At the conference, Formspring announced that it was working with The MIT Media Lab to develop new approaches in detecting cyberbullying, and to design interfaces that would help prevent or mitigate when it occurs.

The concept of Formspring was copied by the creators of Ask. Both sites have been linked to several teenage suicides. Formspring announced it would be closing over the months of March and April The reason for the closure was that it had "been challenging to sustain the resources needed to keep the lights on. According to the announcement, asking questions on Formspring would be disabled on March 31, , and the entire site would be shut down permanently on April 15, , after which, all content on the site would be deleted. On March 31, a short updated statement was released which stated "Great news!

We have a last-minute deal in the works that will help keep Formspring up. More details to follow in the coming week. Get ready for some cool and exciting new features. Stay tuned for more updates and happy posting!! In May , Spring. As of August 1, , the website has become a portal of Twoo , a social discovery and rating platform. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the online form builder formerly known as "Formspring", see Formstack.

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