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I see this type of review over and over when I read the posted reviews online and have been told that they do not have a good reputation. I can't even get past the receptionist. I was told the manager was away, then I was told she only calls back Monday to Thursday because Fridays are too busy and on and on. I joined Lifemates in October , so far till March , I only got two referrals.

I am in my early 30's, attractive with a decent career. This is the most ridiculous thing happens to me in my entire life. I would definitely put them to court to get my money back. I was promised that because I am young, it would be easy and they gave me half price off. The two guys disabled, one in leg the other one multiple could not even say things clearly.

I feel bad for them too. I joined this extremely expensive Lifemates Website to find possible men looking for the same things in a dating relationship. My first referral told me I was too large for him which I found truly inappropriate behaviour for such a well-advertised referral plan. My next referral was on so many drugs that he was totally incoherent and confused. I called the agency and finally received a response after several attempts.

My file information was totally incorrect and was told that I should receive better referrals based on this new information. My next referral was married and definitely not an eligible candidate for any kind of relationship. I have tried numerous occasions to make contact with these people but it appears that once you sign on the dotted line and pay your very expensive membership fee they really don't care about anything including returning your calls.

Definitely NOT recommended as a professional business. They say a lot and deliver minimal. Just trying to contact them was a chore. Total waste of time and money. I signed up in Sept. I got my first one and only one October 10, The match was nothing like what I was supposed to be looking for, and I believe we only matched in location and age, and the fact that he was male. And that was it. Two months later I was given the name of a match, he didn't call me like he was supposed to. When I called him, he said he wasn't part of Lifemates even though they claimed they called him and asked him if he would accept me as a date.

I repeatedly sent emails saying I wanted my money back, that I did not believe they were managing their part of the bargain, and they would respond by email with the statement "thanks for your feedback! We'll look for another match for you! Here it is 4 months later and when I called wanting my money back, they say: I don't believe the second one was even real.

I was amazed how many times I read my own story. Here is my experience. I called LifeMates to enquire about their services but had to leave a message. When I received a callback the greatest point of interest was my financial situation. The next step was the in person interview. The person I spoke with on the phone told me to be very clear on my expectations and criteria so I made a list. During the interview the woman I spoke with kept telling me how easy it would be to match me using flattery and pressure to have me join immediately, at one point using the phrases "Are you serious about finding someone?

I'm over 50 and heavy which was part of why I went to LifeMates because I thought someone mature would appreciate the person without looking for Barbie, after all men also age. But she kept telling me I didn't look 50 and I carried my weight well, blah, blah, blah. She took down all my criteria, changed the height requirement I wanted because she said I was being too fussy and told me I could expect a call a month on average. I asked what the membership numbers were, wanting to have an idea of the pool they would be drawing from, statistically speaking.

The interviewer said she didn't have that information but the welcome caller could answer that and any other questions I had. That seemed reasonable so I joined and I was excited. It was a lot of money but I hadn't expected it to be cheap. The welcome caller calls and I ask her about the membership numbers and she can't give me that information so I ask why I was lied to and the runaround begins.

I speak to a supervisor who apologizes and says they have thousands of male members who match my criteria but she can't be any more specific than that. I joined in May , I was contacted a few weeks later regarding one match. The gentleman and I spoke on the phone but he was not a match to my criteria so it did not go further. I relayed my comments, as required, but heard nothing.

Six months passed without hearing anything so I called the office. The person I spoke to said they were working on my file but couldn't find a match so I asked how that was possible with 1,s of members. She said she would have a supervisor call me. A few days went by and no call but alas another match. This gentlemen was completely out of my area so I refused the match. I received a call from a supervisor, called after that and was told I was negative and that I had to be more flexible if I wanted to be happy. She also told me at my age and size I was difficult to match and it would take longer.

So now I was the problem and their inability to find a match or to keep me informed or use my criteria was my fault. Quite a different story from the interview. These people play on a person's vulnerabilities and mock the courage it takes to put oneself in a position to ask strangers for this type of help. They are immoral and should be criminal. I joined Lifemates in February of It is now Feb and I have had 3 proposed dates. When I joined, I was told that I would have an average of at least 1 date per month which I thought was low, but I was willing to try the service.

Also, because I was wanting someone 5'11" or taller, my chances were lower than other members. I did accept that, thinking this well-established company would have a large database of members. My concerns began in March when I was waiting for a fellow to call me based on what Lifemates had said. I was told to hang tight. I didn't receive any contact so on March 31st I emailed to ask, again, how long should I wait.

After waiting a few days, I called in to report this and voiced my concerns over the process. This is when I started to be concerned as I was told "because you've had your first contact, you cannot cancel. When I went back to my emails, I could not find this said email so I called in to let Lifemates know.

I did request that my email address be changed to ensure I received them all at work and on my phone. I quickly realized that the staff at this company are well-trained on how NOT to allow a client voice their concerns and that money is their only focus. Payment is all they want. I wrote the fellow who signed me up in September I also questioned the process, timeframes and money that I had prepaid as well as if there was a way to get out of the contract.

Through my complaint, I received a 3 sentence response and found the following things to have happened: The original fellow suggested there was another match being prepared and that maybe this would be the one. He did not offer any advice or insight to any of my concerns.

I immediately responded with all of the details of my calls, how much I had spent and the true disappointment of the lack of information on my file that I had provided. I received no response. In December, my wallet was taken so I had to close off my credit cards. I called Lifemates to let them know that I needed to do an update.

I did not receive a response. I suggested that that was a lot of money for 11 months to only have received 3 leads in total. Lifemates says there are 5. The concern of wanting to update my account, with no callback was unacceptable. To me, it just shows how they were mishandling my account and membership. I advised Lifemates that I no longer required their services and based on the amount of money I had already put forth, we should just call it a day.

On January 27th, I followed up via email advising that no one had yet acknowledged my email of the 19th. On January 28th, I missed a call from Lifemates and returned their call within a few hours. I then called again on January 29th. On February 1st, I emailed again, letting them know that I had returned their call 2x's and no one had yet responded or acknowledged my emails.

It is February 3rd today. Does all of this correspondence really warrant the right of this company to continue to receive money from me?

309 Lifemates Consumer Reviews and Complaints

As far as they are concerned, yes I didn't even ask for any money back. I just want to move forward with life and put this all behind me. This is what really shook me up! I have a live. I log into this email probably 1 every 2 months or so. Lo and behold, there is a Lifemates email in my inbox there stating that my file is being to sent to collections!!! But, if I update my account they will continue to find me a match! I am appalled at how they expect me to have any confidence in their company and to continue to send them money!! They have not addressed any of my complaints, offered any advice, prove that anyone is doing due diligence to provide a service, or address my concerns of how much money I have put forth for nothing.

Do I want money back? However, I am willing to walk away if they allow me to. Collections is absolutely unacceptable and unwarranted. The nerve of sending an email like that that was removed from my file almost a year ago! What do I do and where do I go from here?! I have read the same story over and over. I was brought in for a grueling interview and asked several income issues.

As I was looking for someone in a similar situation to allow travel and comfort as well as education and sophistication, I volunteered that I had a Master Degree, had a good income, good investments and my family situation. This lead to the interviewer leaving and judging from the prices other people paid, returning with the premium price list.

It was always against my best interest but I had not had success looking on my own. I was told later that at lbs, fit muscular , 52 told I look 40 daily that I was too old and fat to find a date. I am considered by men to be very attractive. This did not help. I was told it would take some time especially for someone in my situation demanding of sophistication, education and "fat" and "old" that it would take some time.

It is now a year later and I have not heard from them. I have called and to start, this stimulated 2 dates both were not even close to the expectations I thought the high price might buy me The description of the first was inaccurate was not as all as described and very brief. This lead to my acceptance and a couple of texts exchanges. Within 2 texts it was discovered that he was not at all what they had told me. There was no date. The second was no different. I did not even accept this one as he was over 2 hours away. Since then I have received nothing from them almost a year now , despite several emails.

No communication, no apology, no encouragement, no dates or matches. Lifemates is a dating service for people in Canada and has helped Canadians get together for over 20 years. Users meet a relationship consultant and matchmaker in person so they have the best chance of finding a great match for them. Matchmakers invite both people to their office so that they can introduce potential matches to one another in person.

Users are vetted for honesty: Matchmakers meet personally with new users to make sure they are who they say they are. Complaints are investigated and responded to: If a user has a complaint about the service, Lifemates staff members personally handle it, conduct a thorough investigation and resolve the situation. When a matchmaker thinks they have found a suitable match, they provide the information to both users; the users must approve the sharing of information before the match is made.

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Thanks Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! I received matches in the next few months so I was pleased with the service, despite there not being a mutual connection. In May of , I did meet someone and so went on hold. Eventually that relationship fell apart so in October of , I requested a new match. During that period, Lifemates sent an email stating that they were switching over completely to email and that I would no longer be receiving phone calls.

I received an automated response after providing feedback and requesting another match but have not heard from them for nine months now. When phoning, I always get the automated message that they are "busy serving other customers" which we know is complete rubbish. Unlike people who have encountered a full mailbox, I was able to leave messages but never received an email or phone call back.

In a review I read here, a woman did receive a response after filing a lawsuit. It's sad that it requires such lengths before the company interacts with its clients. That is definitely an avenue worth exploring. As a man who has not had success through traditional or online dating, I had hopes that this matchmaking service would work and initially, it looked promising. However, I would encourage anyone contemplating signing up to completely stay away from Lifemates.

I would like to inform other people to be aware of this fact and not to lose their money as I did. This Lifemates company is a total waste and scam. The fact is they don't have too many men. They struggle giving you any referral because they have mostly women who don't want to go online and be public.

I was 42 years old, good looking and have a professional job. I didn't want to go online dating because of fear of stigma and dignity. That is why I paid 5K to be protected and find the same person who valued seeing a woman. I should tell you that after one year of only two referrals, the woman in this company Sarah and Carolyn told me that I should not rely on them and do online dating!

They also told me that women come to Lifemates company because they want to be protected, but men want free dates and they go to bars or online dating. That is why they do have a few male members and a lot more women. Those men are charged way less only to be referred to those naive women like me. Do not waste your money by giving to these people who laugh behind your back and enjoy going on vacation instead.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. What this company does is criminal. When they want your business they go out of their way to get it. Once they have your 5 grand for a lifetime membership, you get a few referrals, most for poor matches. In my first TWO years with them, I got 4 referrals and had two dates.

In the past two years, I have not had even one referral. If I call, I get no one. They track my phone number and send an auto reply email that says they are working on it. Then I hear nothing. They stole my money. How are these scumbags any different than the Nigerian phishing and pretend tax collector scams?

And why is the police fraud squad not interested? Do not give these people your money. I wish I had listened to similar advice. Met with a nice rep - Jackie. I had two meetings with possible matches. The first was awful, but the second was a joke. They matched me with someone who had been on 77 dates in 4 years. Literally, a Santa Claus who spent an hour showing me his photos with children. I tried to get a partial refund. Better Business Bureau got nowhere with them either. What a bunch of con artists. When I was suffering with depression because of a very badly ended relationship met a lifemates representative who almost promised me that they will help me to find the true love.

So I paid the tax of Cad and become a member. This was one of the worst spent money. They start matching me. First match was a person - light smoker which corresponded to my profile description but when we met for an hour he actually told me that he smokes between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day. So I was shocked that this was considered as light smoker.

The guy had one or two missing teeth. Second match was with a guy who was a friend of the Lifemates representative. Third guy was a real estate agent so using his phone I found out that he is still in a relationship with a woman who moved to Calgary.

He was present to me like a man looking for a serious relationship. When I found the post of his girlfriend I called the agency and they didn't have answer to my question: Is he is single or he is in a long distance relationship? The lifemates matchmaker didn't check the information this guy provided. I had more interesting experience with the matchmaker from Lifemates Montreal but for now I think you can get a good idea what kind of service to expect to get for your money.

I signed up for Lifemates in December after a very invasive interview. In April I was sent my first match. We clicked in the beginning but due to our grueling schedules we could not meet.

Finally in May I requested to be sent another match. Having not received a response I sent an email in July about their lack of customer service. They sent me a match almost immediately but to my utter dismay and disappointment it was a 55 year old whom I had nothing in common with.

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I asked for someone no older than I immediately sent an explosive email about their lack of consideration and have not received another match since. I am a single woman in her late 40's. I wish there was a way to get some of my money back if not all. Buyers be aware, read reviews, I wish I did. They first provide some dates but those didn't match my requirement at all. It also seemed the other party was not interested in me either.

They never got match. Now all the numbers they provided are not working. You cannot leave the message on the voice mail. It's really a scam. Where to complain and get my money back. Joined in the Fall Met Barb at the Calgary office on Macleod. Filled in the questionnaire.

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She chatted about how well the company finds that perfect match. Then shown the costing sheet. Must say I was a little shocked and only chose the least amount. Then on top was the photo session cost. No mention that the match does not see the photo became aware of this when I got a match and told I or them do not see the photo , it's only for Lifemate use so they say! Before I confirmed my interest I was a bit hesitant, so Barb said "instead of just 5 matches for that price range. I'm going to add 5 more at no extra cost.

Sent my feedback and waited. In all I met 4 out of the They failed to read my feedback, matched me with men out of my age range and nothing like I had talked about at the initial meeting. Never heard from them since summer of I rang and left a message as they never answer the phone. Sent emails, no response.

Now today January the mail box is full and so cannot leave a message. I'm under no illusion that I am a victim of a clever scam, just like many others. I believed that if someone is willing to pay a substantial amount of money to find a non fraudulent match. It turns out the company is the fraudulent one. Though I'm sure the company's small print covers their back. Live and learn - my advice, don't hand over your money to this site or even contact them.

I have joined this company based on what they promised. I should have kept my money.

In the last 3 years, they sent me 1 compatible match and have since ignored my calls, my emails and sort of hiring a lawyer to sue them. I will never see a refund and obviously no matches either. Plenty of Fish is more reliable. At least you know what you're getting! Scam is the only word I can use. Stay far away and do not fall for the "expert" advise they have.

I am so humiliated. They use a dartboard to pick your matches. After I paid she wrote on the contract 'Matches will take longer due to height weight age and area location'. That was a far cry from the "pitch" I received until I paid. Sending me for Do not waste your time and money with this site called Lifemates.

I am very disappointed in this company and the fraudulent ways they do business. I went through an extensive interview with Barb, including questions on my financials and then was scheduled to have my photograph taken.

I was told that matches do not see the photos, that the matchmakers use them to pair matches together. I was also told that there are more mature women than men, therefore we pay more to belong! I had a total of ten matches that could be used up in what was referred to as a lifetime contract. Barb said I would have no problem with being matched as I was slender, in great shape, with long hair and took good care of myself. The first match was decent but after the second date he started talking marriage, even though it was "Lifemates" that was too soon and frightened me, so I went on hold.

One year later I opened my membership again. The next seven matches were awful. One man was disgusting with mannerisms and very inappropriate comments. The next was extremely overweight, another I caught lying as he had been on a "online dating" site that I had belonged to on a free month trial! I placed my membership on hold again! Recently I decided to open the membership to the last three matches remaining. When I tried to contact Lifemates to do so, I had problems with my phone calls being returned.

I went to the office on Macleod trail to find out it had closed. I finally managed to connect with a representative after one month of consistently trying and she said the company was undergoing changes. Eventually I was given two matches. One was not local.

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I had never asked for out of city! The ninth and final match was enough to leave me thoroughly disappointed and never to return. He was nothing like the profile, had taken no time to read the information blurb provided. He didn't even know what color of hair I had. When we met in person he was nothing similar to what I requested to be matched with!! I sent an email to the matchmaking team asking about the profiles of the men that Lifemates were matching me with. The first reply came back with my profile.

My second email was never responded to. I decided to cut my losses. I believed the matches would improve. In reality the matches became less than my lowest of expectations. To all the lovely ladies out there who wish to find a life partner, save your money!! Be more careful with your hard-earned money. Am not as smart as i thought i was, i did something stupid here by paying those guys.

But i guess even smart people make mistakes. Price of this valuable lesson: I feel like a complete. Yes, I agree with the other comments. Do not sign up for Executive Dating Service.. They con you into thinking they have 3 or 4 perfect matches right NOW when you go for your interview, then they pull files and tell you they already found your perfect matches and read a bogus description of your "match", then you get suckered into signing up and those 3 or 4 perfect matches weren't even available for a date!!!

WT[censored] so where are they?? Please take if from me who was too gullible by their sales pitch - Save your money, you can't get your money back as they want you to pay for the year up front. I wish someone posted the truth before I made the mistake and wasted money in signing up. So much so, in fact, that I am getting married to the woman of my dreams who I met through Executive Search Dating earlier this year.

I joined Executive Search Dating last fall and generally really enjoyed the process overall. The initial interview at their office was quite in depth and I actually learned quite a bit about myself through the meeting… far from being a high pressure situation in fact it was a lot of fun. Once you are a client the process is quite easy… they select matches for you and also set the dates up so you just need to show up basically.

No, not all of the dates were great matches, but I did find all of them to be quality people. I was matched with my soon to be wife in early spring and we hit it off immediately… she is a really incredible woman and we have already moved in together. In a funny way, it was the fact that we had both met a number of other people through the service before meeting each other that really helped us know that we were so right for each other! I agree with some of the other comments people have stated about Executive Search dating.

They are a scam! All they could tell me was how attractive I was and how easy it would be to match me up. What a waste of my money. The few people they were able to introduce me to clearly were not professionals. Save your money instead! I understand your frustration, but you were not guaranteed anything. If you had a real case you would go to the BBB and not be complaining in an internet forum. This is obviously a case of sour grapes. Why not spend your time constructively and go find a date yourself.

Executive Search Dating is a complete scam, it is just clever marketing with no substance. I gave them detailed information on what my criteria is, nothing too ambitious Some of the matches were completely off-base. For instance I told them I preferred women who were at least 5'-6" tall since I am tall, they kept matching me with women who were 5'-2"? It was terrible, I was matched with women who I had nothing in common one or met any of my criteria?

The service was terrible, they would call me about a suitable match, I would give them some dates that I was available, a few days would go by and I would never hear back from them again about the so-called "suitable match"? My advice, please save your money Executive Search Dating is a total scam and rip-off!! This service is terrible, dont do it!

Aas part of the sales pitch they will give you descriptions of matches that appear to meet your criteria, than you pay and guess what?